Mos Speedrun 2 iOS release date 30th Sept

Phew, ok, the game got through the Apple review process and we finally have a release date for Mos Speedrun 2 on iPhone and iPad. It’ll be available on Wednesday 30th of September 2015. The game is universal so it will work great on both your iPhones and iPads, and it supports all kinds of 3rd party controllers, including bluetooth MFi and iCade types. There’s a ton of new ideas in Mos 2 and we think you’ll love it! Mos Continue reading

Mos Speedrun 2 released on steam!

Hey everyone! We are excited to say that Mos Speedrun 2 will be available on Steam in a few short hours! Since we released the first game back in 2011, we’ve wanted to make a sequel. After 2 years of hard work by our 2 person team it’s finally ready. We’ve taken our experience from making Mos 1, and created something that’s better in every way. There’s 30 brand new levels, each one packed with great design and multiple challenges. The controls Continue reading

Twitter adventure game experiment

I recently created a little experimental game on twitter, called @SoulsDarkest It’s a fully parsed text adventure game that can be played over twitter.  The system is running from my Raspberry Pi, and you can start playing by posting the word “start” (without quotes) to the twitter user @SoulsDarkest I’ve tried to implement most of the usual commands here are some examples: look (to describe your location) examine paper (to examine a held object, in this case paper) throw coin Continue reading

Mos 2 Gifs (Work in progress)

I’ve posted a couple of animated GIFs of gameplay from Mos Speedrun 2 on twitter recently, here they are for your viewing pleasure:     Mos on a spooky rooftop, jumping some haunted bells.  The moving surfaces make things a little interesting…   This level has spider webs that mos can get stuck in and sometimes use to her advantage…      

Mos Speedrun 2 Day Charms

We are a big fan of secrets and collecting things over at Physmo. And we’ve come up with something special for Mos Speedrun 2… We call them Day Charms, and I’ll try to quickly explain how they work.  There are 30 Day Charms hidden in the game, when you find them and collect them you can unlock stuff like hats and costumes.  But there’s a catch, you can only find one day charm per day, and they are tied to Continue reading

Mos Speedrun 2 game progression

Mos Speedrun 2 will have a similar type of level progression to the first game.  You can progress to each stage in a level by completing the previous stage, but to move on to the next level you will need to collect a certain number of badges.  Badges are earned by completing tasks in the stages – completing the stage, collecting all coins in a stage, “speed running” the stage (Completing it under a certain time) and finding the secret Continue reading

The Dungeoning

Announcing, The Dungeoning! The Dungeoning is a 2D pixel art roguelike platformer, with procedurally generated levels and perma-death.  When you die, it’s game over – and the level is destroyed. You gain experience by fighting enemies and you can level up your various attributes to become stronger. Along the way you will find many mysterious objects and weapons that will help in your quest. Will you become a powerful wizard/witch or a legendary swordsman/swordswoman??   The Dungeoning is out now Continue reading