Mos Speedrun Update V1.1 released!

The first update to Mos Speedrun is now LIVE on the app store, here’s what we added:- iPad support (free if you already own the iPhone app!) – screen orientation changing- Improved D-Pad (adjustable on iPad) – 3 new Mos costumes to choose from! – Screen now rotates correctly for both orientations – Fastest time now shown on screen – Speedrun countdown bar onscreen – Web levels now cached and accessible from the main menu – Various bug fixes Please Continue reading Mos Speedrun Update V1.1 released!

apps in store

Progress on the new game will slow down for a week or so as we are going to prepare a version of seaglass (our first iPhone game) for the new Mac app store. Tony is basing this off the code and graphics from the iPad version of the game. Since the game is locked to a vertical iPad display mode, the graphics will have to be reduced by around 1/3rd in order for the game to fit on most monitors.  Continue reading apps in store

Seaglass iPhone updated!

Our update to Seaglass has been approved and is now available on the app store! As usual we’ve listened to all of your suggestions and questions and tried to add everything to this update.If you have any comments or feature requests we’d love to hear from you at – Maybe your idea will be included in the next update!