Mos Speedrun

icon_06_114Jump, dodge and race Mos through 25 glorious stages of fast paced retro platforming action!

With exceptionally clever level design, gorgeous pixellated graphics and solid platform dynamics you’ll want to keep pl

Mos Speedrun is an amazing fast-paced 8-bit retro styled action platformer! available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC!


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“pick this one up with confidence.” – ( 4/4 MUST HAVE! )
“an instant classic, refuelling our primal gaming needs.” – TouchGen ( 4/5 Editors Choice! )
“don’t hesitate to give Mos Speedrun a try.” – Touch Arcade
“it’s one of those games you’ll find yourself continuously playing.” –
“Fans of tough platformers .. should jump on this deal immediately.” – (9/10)
“a compulsive race against yourself” – (8/10)
“Mos Speedrun is a must-have title and one of the freshest experiences currently on Apple devices.” – Daily Record (4/5)