Mos Speedrun 2 iOS release date 30th Sept

Phew, ok, the game got through the Apple review process and we finally have a release date for Mos Speedrun 2 on iPhone and iPad. It’ll be available on Wednesday 30th of September 2015.

The game is universal so it will work great on both your iPhones and iPads, and it supports all kinds of 3rd party controllers, including bluetooth MFi and iCade types.

There’s a ton of new ideas in Mos 2 and we think you’ll love it! Mos has got lots of new abilities, like wall jumps, rope swinging, block pushing and more.  There’s more to see and do, and there’s so many secret things we can’t even remember all of them.
The hidden skulls are back too, but this time they are a major feature of each level – the skull areas are treacherous, and you’ll need to make it out alive with your skeletal treasure, but first you need to hunt down the secret area, and they are well hidden!
Another new activity is the day charm system – every day of the month, you will be able to try to find one of the 30 day charms that we’ve hidden throughout the game – completing tasks like these will unlock one of the many costume items, and costumes can be combined this time so that your Mos can be as stylish as you are!
One of the most exciting things in Mos 2 are the friend ghosts (Although that sounds kinda depressing) – Your GameCentre friends will appear as in-game ghosts that run along beside you, facilitating healthy and unhealthy competition alike!

We’re really excited to bring a new Mos game back to iPhone where it started, and we can’t wait until the 30th when our baby get’s released into the wild. Stay tuned for more info!

Mos Speedrun 2 is a full game with no IAP or adverts.
Check out the game page at for more info, screenshots and the press pack.

Oh, and since the game already supports bluetooth controllers, we’re going to release it on Apple TV as soon as we get it running on a test unit, so that’ll be interesting.

Nick & Tony at Physmo

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