Graphics and gameplay

output from some early level generator test runs Another chat with Tone about the game tonight, some of the things we discussed were the graphics style, game mechanics, mini games and distribution. Graphical style – I think that we are stuck in a weird limbo with the graphics – they don’t look retro enough, and they don’t look good enough either 🙂 We discussed trying out a few different things, like reducing the palette, making them more pixelated and that Continue reading Graphics and gameplay

Some screengrabs

Screengrab 1 is of the very first version we had running, these are the original 1995 graphics, drawn in dpaint 🙂 Screengrab 2 (On the right) shows a slightly later version, we changed to a vertical display instead of horizontal. Tony added some pickups, enemies and a bit of GUI on the bottom. The gui stuff is taken from the 1995 version and needs to be redesigned.

New versions and old versions

We had a quick dev meeting tonight, Tony has got a rough version of the game running on both PC and iPhone. I say “rough” but it’s actually a pretty good representation of how the game is going to play, and impressive to see so early in development. We have decided on a portrait screen mode instead of landscape, even though this is different to how the original PC version of Enigma was designed, we feel this will be more Continue reading New versions and old versions


some enemy sprites and some pickups a selection of blocks Some zoomed in images of sprites from the original 1995 version of Enigma. All graphics were drawn in DPaint running in DOS on PC (Or Amiga, I can’t remember 🙂 ) Whatever it was, they are .iff files, anyone remember those??

In the beginning

Hello folks, this blog is going to chronicle the creation of our new iPhone game, from start to finish. We intend to post frequent updates about our thoughts, development, behind the scenes stuff, things that haven’t worked and screenshots. Hopefully it will be an interesting journey. Please sign up, follow us and post comments, questions or anything else! Nick