Mos Speedrun 2 game progression

20151803_164522Mos Speedrun 2 will have a similar type of level progression to the first game.  You can progress to each stage in a level by completing the previous stage, but to move on to the next level you will need to collect a certain number of badges.  Badges are earned by completing tasks in the stages – completing the stage, collecting all coins in a stage, “speed running” the stage (Completing it under a certain time) and finding the secret Golden Skull.  You won’t need to collect every badge to make progress, and this allows you to tailor how you play to suit your style – do you like speed running or exploring the most? Of course, many Mos fans will enjoy trying to collect every single badge in the game, and in doing so you’ll be rewarded with lots of secrets and new costumes to dress up in!