Mos Speedrun 2 game progression

Mos Speedrun 2 will have a similar type of level progression to the first game.  You can progress to each stage in a level by completing the previous stage, but to move on to the next level you will need to collect a certain number of badges.  Badges are earned by completing tasks in the stages – completing the stage, collecting all coins in a stage, “speed running” the stage (Completing it under a certain time) and finding the secret Continue reading Mos Speedrun 2 game progression

Mos Speedrun for PC now available.

Tony has been hard at work making our little game work on windows, and you can get it now on Desura! It’s fun seeing all those pixels flying around on the big screen 🙂  Mos Speedrun on Desura We are working on a new level (with 5 stages) and will keep you posted when it’s ready… Nick